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The SpaceWinder will:

  • Wind all rockets at the same time.

    • Four rockets are placed into individual stations on the SpaceWinder.  Each rocket is connected to a single direct drive gear train.  A drill then provides power to that gear train, which winds the rockets evenly at the same time. 


  • Reduce winding time down to seconds.

    • With the SpaceWinder, all rockets are wound with the speed of a drill, so racers are ready to go together within seconds!  Without it, it takes each racer different, extended times to get their rockets wound. 

    • Often times racers accidentally wind their rubber bands the wrong direction. The racer then has to let it go, and start again. If they don't realize it, the rocket launches backwards during the race.  Because the SpaceWinder winds all of the rockets off a single gear train, they are all wound the same direction.

  • Wind all rocket with the the same number of winds, ensuring racer equity.

    • Currently, each racer manually winds their rocket, resulting in an inconsistent amount of winds per racer.  For instance, racer #1 may be quick and wind their rubber band 100+ times.  Racer #2 may have never done it before, and winds theirs only 75.  This gives racer #1 a clear advantage before the race even starts.  Or maybe the leaders have each racer wind to 100 winds, but a few lost count along the way, and they are now at 100,  but with (+) or (-) 10 winds.  With all rockets being wound equally by the SpaceWinder, all racers will race from a level playing field.  With the time and effort racers put into preparing rockets, it is right and expected that each racer has equal opportunity.


  • Eliminate cuts, bruises, and other injuries from manual winding.

    • Manually winding rockets often results in injury due to racers fingers slipping off the blade during the winding process.  This causes the energized blade to impact the racer.  With the SpaceWinder, racers simply secure and hold the rocket blade with both hands during the winding process which eliminates the possibility of injuries.

    • For safety, the SpaceWinder incorporates an overload clutch on each winder and all components are contained in the housing.

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