Space winder | About us


Product Objective:

We understand how stressful the Space Derby can be, we would like to help make your Space Derby enjoyable.  The Objective of the SpaceWinder product is to provide Space Derby relief to the Scouting community.  Having run the event myself, I understand that it can be stressful.

Personal Objective:

This is our family business…literally our direct family business.  Our objective with this business is to help teach our children about life, business and money.  In executing the business our goal is to help our children learn about how to plan and execute a business.  The money earned from our venture will be used to educate our children on financial planning including investing, saving for education, charity/giving back and play fund.  Our hope it that our children will learn more about our world, life and money prior to being thrust into the world and fending for themselves.  In addition, the opportunity will allow us to spend time as a family both in business and reaping the rewards.


I am an entrepreneur owning a business that focuses around automation and engineering products for the fire and rescue industry.  We have been in business for 10-years now, in the beginning business was a struggle.  Aside from working to make a living, I spend a significant amount of time learning about business.  As with many entrepreneurs, my business has had a significant impact on my life.  My study of business lead to many other areas of study about life including happiness, success, money and living a fulfilled life.  My goal is to pass this information on to my children in the form of true experience.